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Does Natalia Get Nico Back in Holy Family? Will Julia Kill Natalia?

The Spanish series “Holy Family,” which was originally called “Sagrada Familia,” is about Julia, who helped her son Santi and his wife Natalia by raising their son Nico as her own.

When Santi died out of the blue, Natalia decided to take Nico back to her home country of Argentina. But Julia took the child away. She starts a new life with Nico, her daughter Mariana, and her son Eduardo, who now go by the names Hugo, Aitana, and Abel, after she pretends to be Gloria. Gloria fakes the deaths of herself and her family, but Natalia and her father, Fernando, do everything they can to find Nico. So, do their efforts make it possible for Natalia and Nico to get back together?

Julia Kill Natalia

In Holy Family, does Natalia get Nico back?

Natalia goes to Madrid to find out why Gloria and her family died after seeing a picture of Mariana in a magazine. When she gets to the capital of Spain, she finds out that Nico is still alive. She doesn’t know that her father Fernando is planning to take the baby from Julia/Gloria, so she handles the situation herself. But she knows she can’t take the baby back from the mother of her late husband on her own. She ends up getting Mariana/Aitana to help her because of this. Mariana has always been there for her mother Julia, even if it meant putting her own life at risk.

Mariana had to give up her dream of going to a conservatory and getting good at piano so that Julia could be with Nico. She ends up studying film so that no one can find out who she really is and find out about Julia’s plans. When Julia hangs out with Blanca and Alicia, Mariana isn’t allowed to make friends at all. Because of these things, she wants to look into why her mother and Nico have a bad relationship. Soon, she figures out that Julia wants Nico to take the place of Santi, Julia’s oldest son and her older brother.

Mariana realizes that Nico’s real mother, Natalia, shouldn’t have to give up her son just because Julia can’t get over Santi’s death. After everything she and Eduardo had to go through, Mariana doesn’t want anyone else to give up a big part of their life so Julia can tell herself that her dead son is still with them through his child. Because of these thoughts, Mariana takes Nico to Natalia, which almost makes it possible for the mother and son to get back together. But Julia stabs her daughter and takes Nico away from her before Natalia could take her son from Mariana.

Since Natalia is with Julia, Nico, Mariana, and Eduardo, she may still be able to find her son, especially if Julia realizes how bad her mistakes were. If she realizes that she is trying to replace Santi with Nico, which is bad for Mariana and Eduardo, she might think about giving Nico back to his real mother. If she realizes that she has lost herself so much that she would even stab Mariana, she may realize that her desire to be with Nico is almost killing all of her loved ones and their dreams. If that isn’t true, Natalia might not even be alive when Nico finds her.

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Will Julia Kill Natalia?

When Eduardo sees Germán try to kill Caterina, he realizes that he and his family are in a situation that is getting worse and worse. He leads his family to their van, forces Natalia to come with them by pointing a gun at her, and then drives away. What will happen to Natalia depends on what Julia does if she gets away from their community. Because Julia is obsessed with being with Nico, she will only see Natalia as a threat to them being together, which could make her a murderer. If Julia has to kill Natalia in order to be with Nico, she will likely not think twice about it.

But Julia won’t be able to handle the aftermath of Natalia’s possible death, and she may know the same thing. If she kills Natalia, she will be on the run as a murderer, which will make it hard for her to start a new life in Canada. She might know that if she kills Natalia, the police will go after her. Julia was able to start a new life as Gloria because the police closed the case of her fake death. If she kills Natalia, she won’t be able to start a new life again unless she does it without leaving any evidence.

But Julia needs help to kill Natalia without leaving any sign of it. Mariana is the last person who will help her after she has been stabbed. Mariana knows that her mother’s obsession with Nico is dangerous, and after her boyfriend Marcos died, she is very unlikely to want to be a part of the death of another innocent person. When Eduardo sees Julia stab Mariana, he might not want to help his mother either. This would leave Julia alone and helpless. So, Julia might decide not to kill Natalia and instead plan to run away with Nico, leaving Mariana and Eduardo behind, who probably won’t help her any longer.

Julia Kill Natalia
Julia Kill Natalia

Welcome to an explanation of the ending of Holy Family, the latest Spanish thriller to come to Netflix. After Money Heist’s huge success, Spain is quickly becoming one of the most important places for Netflix to get content for the international market. Spain has also shown that it can write stories in all kinds of genres and raise the quality bar as much as possible. Manolo Caro created Holy Family. He has also made other shows for the platform.

Najwa Nimri and Alba Flores, who were popular in Money Heist, are back in Holy Family. As a result, the story is full of plot twists and secrets are revealed at every turn. In the middle of the season, the story might feel a little repetitive, but as the end gets closer, so do the stakes and the reactions of the characters, who are being pushed to their limits. What’s the key to keeping this family together? Why should they keep it a secret to begin with? There are answers to every question.

In Holy Family, who is Hugo’s real mother?

The main theme of the series is being a mother, and this is made clear right from the start. A mother can do just about anything for her kids. Throughout the series, we see different examples of what it means to be a mother or even a parent. The different characters deal with the problem of bringing a new person into the world in very different ways. All of them are true, but only some of them don’t hurt them and the kids they are trying to raise emotionally.

Julia, Mariana, Edu, and Hugo are the people we meet. The four of them look like a normal family, but soon it becomes clear that something isn’t right with the way they act together. First, they all have different names outside of their house. Abel is Julia, Gloria is Edu, and so on. They are living other people’s lives and don’t want to be found out. From these conversations, we can tell that the family used to include a young man named Santi. It turns out that Santi was the oldest of the family’s children and that he has died.

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How does Season 1 of “Holy Family” end? Can the family escape to Canada?

Still, no matter how hard Julia tries to keep her family from leaving the house, it seems like they can’t help themselves. Mariana has enough money to go to college. She really likes music, but she can’t play it. When she does, she meets Marcos, who is also a musician. They start going out together. Edu has the same problem. He can only go out at night. He also starts a relationship with an older man he meets.

Julia is trying to get phony passports for herself and her kids. Why? Because all four of them lie about dying. Hugo is the child of Santi and a woman named Natalia. Natalia’s body wouldn’t let her carry a baby, so Julia offered to carry the baby in her womb. But when Santi died, Julia took the baby from Natalia and pretended to die so that she wouldn’t keep looking for them. Natalia’s dad isn’t sure, though, so he has hired someone to look for Julia and her kids.

Is it possible for the family to get to Canada?

Julia’s big plan is to move to Canada with the kids, far away from Spain. At the same time she is making plans for this, a new neighbor moves in. Caterina, a woman, and German, her husband. The couple seems to be normal parents who just got married. But it turns out that they work for Natalia’s father and that their job is to get Hugo back, even if that means killing Julia and the others. Caterina and German have a baby girl they got from a street addict so they could pass her off as their own.

One night, German meets Edu, and they start going out. Things get messy because there are different people with different goals. German and Edu really care about each other, but German is after Edu. Blanca, their next-door neighbor, sees them kiss and tells Caterina about it. Blanca is friends with Julia and Caterina. Her son has a mental illness. Caterina slowly tries to get into Julia’s house to find out what’s going on. German does it better and gets enough DNA to make a test. In the end, it turned out that Hugo is, in fact, Natalia’s son. Caterina doesn’t know what to think about Julia’s scar from when she had her baby.

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