Paul Urey Wikipedia, Death Cause- British Aid Worder Dies In Ukraine

Paul Urey was a British Aid laborer who has been affirmed dead by Donetsk authorities. According to reports, he was caught close by his kindred Briton Dylan in Eastern Ukraine on 29 April.

Paul Urey Wikipedia Explored As referenced above, Paul Urey died at 45 years old on Friday, July 15, 2022. DNR’s ombudsman, Darya Morozova affirmed the awful news on Telegram.


Paul and Briton Dylan were caught by favorable to Russia separatists in Eastern Ukraine. They were accused of soldier of fortune exercises and were kept a prisoner.

Dominik Byrne, the fellow benefactor of Presidium Network made an announcement after his catch that he was functioning as a free philanthropic guide volunteer in Ukraine.

What’s more, toward the beginning of May, a Russian state TV highlighted him in binds.

Uncovering Paul Urey’s Cause of Death An authority from the Donetsk People’s Republic guaranteed that Paul Urey died because of ‘sickness and stress’. Individuals on Twitter and other virtual entertainment are paying their recognitions for the demise of Paul.

As per the gatekeeper, he is the primary known outsider who died in the authority of favorable to Russian separatists in the Russia-Ukraine war.

His mom, Linda had recently told the BBC network that Urey was diabetic and he wants insulin.

Darya Morozova who monitors detainees’ freedoms expressed that Urey was determined to have serious sicknesses during his most memorable clinical assessment. He expressed,” previously during his absolute first clinical trials, he was seen with various constant sicknesses”.

Morozova further added ” Insulin-subordinate diabetes, various illnesses of the cardiovascular framework and harms to kidney and respiratory frameworks were seen”.

Also, he declared his passing on Telegram on Friday and finished up it to be because of ailment and stress.

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